DieselStormers ran out of Diesel - going Rogue

Due to legal issues, Black Forest Games cannot use the name DieselStormers for the game as the rights to the word "Diesel" belong to the Jeans company, surprisingly also in the context of video games. We had to come up with a new name that still was representing the game and still sound familiar, so we came up with Rougestormers. Also it coinsides with the realignment of the games focus. With the latest updates we focused on what was fun about this game and extended upon that, so if you haven't checked it out, the it's definately time to do so.


Welcome to my website.
Here you can find excepts of the work I've done so far.
You can also find documentation on some of the designs I've written up and worked on.
If you are looking for some useful scripts for Autodesk 3ds Max or Adobe Photoshop, you will find them here. Later on there will also be python scripts for general Project management and specific tools.
So have fun browsing.

DieselStormers heading to Steam Early Access

After several setbacks the game is finally making it's release. First of only on Steam Early Access.

Build your guns and gear, grab some friends and shoot your way through the randomly generated city of Ravensdale. Upgrade your Dieselknight powers and blast some Orcs! DieselStormers is a roaring action game for up to 4 friends in co-op multiplayer mode with RPG elements, procedural level generation and a combinatoric weapons system that lets you make your own guns from a huge number of looted parts.
The game is set in a medieval metropolis where diesel-powered Knights clash with the Orcs for control over the city districts. It bellows and clangs with smoke and steel. Lightning arcs across pits of bubbling goop, and jet-assisted assaults tear through the streets for pure awesome carnage!

So go ahead and check out the steam page > DieselStormers

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