Autodesk 3ds MaxScripts

All script have been developed in 3ds Max 2012, but their functionality has been also tested with Max 2013 - Max 2015 older versions then 2012 have not been tested with but most of the scripts will probably also work up to some extend. Download the latest version of the MaxScript package as an installer or download the files you need separately.

> Common Functions: Scripts contain a lot of general functions that provide additional functionalities to 3ds Max and MaxScript e.g. reading and writing xml files.

> BoxAttach: A better solution to fixing all sorts of unexplainable issues on meshes.

> Drop to Floor: Macros for placing objects on the object below it or on the ground plane.

> Custom Workspace Pivot: Macro for defining custom pivots based on selected Vertices, Edges or Polys.

I will add other Scripts as soon as they are ready to be published.

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