Adobe Photoshop Scripts

All script have been developed for Abobe Photoshop CS 5, but as there has been only little development on the scripting side of Photoshop I assume that they will also work with older versions of Photoshop. Download the latest version of the Photoshop Scripts package including all actions for easier access to the scripts.

> UV Toggle: Script toggles the visibility of the group "guides" in the active document.

> Save maps: Scripts to save color-, normal or specularmap as a tga with a suffix for differentiation.

> Texture Atlas Packer: Script to pack all currently open documents into a big atlas.

> Texture Patch Generator: Script creates new texture patches based on a selection layer.

> Mipmap Generator: Script creates all mips from the selected layer.

> Filter Tiled: Script to apply certain filters and still keep the texture tiling.

> Wrapping Layer Effect: A script to create a wrapping Layer Effect.

> Normalmap Generator: This is a script pretty much the same as nDo as you can create normalmaps based on selections.

> Highlights Generator: A script to create highlights from a grey scale Image.

I will add other Scripts as soon as they are ready to be published.

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