ArcaniA - Gothic 4 is an action RPG released in October 2010 published by JoWood. The game was the forth instalment in the Gothic Series. A year later the Addon Arcania - Fall of Setarrif was released. Arcania was released for PC and Xbox 360. Various other ports of the game followed.
For further info about the game go to the games Homepage.
The game went on to win several Awards including Deutscher Entwicklerpreis for "Best Consolegame", a prize voted by the public.

My responsibilities were:
  - Modelling and Texturing of various assets.
  - Creation of environment animations.
  - Dressing (placing objects and lighting) of the several areas of the game.
  - Outsourcing management, reviewing the created assets and providing feedback to our Outsourcing partners.
  - Maintenance of the games Visibility System using proprietary tool.
  - Maintenance of the games Navigation System using proprietary tools.



Weapons and Shield:

Magic Circle:

Setarrif tower building - upper floor:

Gas plant:


All assets have been slightly modified and adjusted so they can be rendered correctly with pbr shading. These assets have been rendered in Unreal Engine 4 with custom materials. All textures sheets shown, are the ones that were used in game.

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