Lahren Lernen Sim is a serious game/simulation currently in development for Verlag Heinrich Vogel targeting Driving schools in Germany. It was also extended to support other countries like France and Austria, others may also follow in the future. The simulation is particularly developed for a specially designed hardware that has a steering wheel, a shifter and pedals. It is released in modules ,extending the training lessons that can be trained on the simulator. The first training lessons included:
Basic Skills which included the introduction videos explaining the simulator and the first things that you need to learn when driving a car like starting to drive or steering).
Turning Lessons which included two sessions of driving around a specially designed city without and with traffic simulating particular turning situations.
Priority lessons which included two sessions of driving around a specially designed city with and without traffic, simulating particular priority situations.
Currently new lessons for Overtaking are being developed, it will include Overtaking situations inside and Outside of cities and on highways.
Additional development is also being done to support VR and Leap Motion so users can get emersed even more in the simulation. Further training lessons will include Danger Situations, Eco Driving among others.
For further info about the project go to the Publishers Homepage.

My responsibilities for this Project were:
  - Modelling and Texturing of various assets.
  - Creation of vehicular animations.
  - Dressing of the City and outside City.
  - Management of the production team.
  - Design and Implementation and maintenance of various Systems (Check the Publications page for further details about the system).




Environment Objects:


All assets have been slightly modified and adjusted so they can be rendered correctly with pbr shading. These assets have been rendered in Unreal Engine 4 with custom shaders. All textures sheets shown, are the ones that were used in game.

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