Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams is a Jump'n'Run game. The game is part of the Giana Sisters series which started back in 1985 with "The Great Giana Sisters" game. The Addon "Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams: Rise of the Owlverlord" was released one year later It was entirely funded with internal funds and a successful Kickstarter champagne, which raised the last missing funds to finish the game. It was also one of the first games to get a Greenlight on Steam.
For further info about the game go to the games Homepage.
The game went on to win several Awards including:
Deutscher Entwicklerpreis in 2012 for "Bester Sound" and 2013 for "Bestes Jugendspiel".
The Indie Prize in 2013 for "Best Sound".
The Buchpreis Tommi in 2013 for 1. Place as "Deutscher Kindersoftwarepreis".
Additionally the games assets are currently used worldwide by Autodesk to showcase their products 3ds Max and Mudbox, where I helped to prepare the presentation, you can watch the presentation here on YouTube.

My responsibilities for the Game were:
  - Modelling and Texturing of various assets.
  - Creation of environment animations e.g. collapsing rocks using 3ds Max physics simulation tools and baking these on bones.
  - Dressing of the several Levels of the game.
  - Management of the Art Team.



Coral <-> Skeleton hand:

Tree <-> Spine:

Hut <-> Crypt:



All assets are screengraps directly from the 3ds Max viewport using custom HLSL shaders.

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