Rogue Stormers is a run'n'gun, shoot 'em up game. It is set in the Ravensdale universe and is meant as an introduction to the IP. It was kickstarted twice, with the first KS campaign not being successful. The second campaign was successful, as the goal was much lower because it only needed to fund the production until the Early Access. The game was launched on Steam Early Access in July 2014. Further development is funded by the sales from the income of the Early Access of the game and has finally been released in April 2016.
For further info about the game go to the games Homepage.

My responsibilities for the Game were:
  - Modelling and Texturing of various assets.
  - Creation of environment animations.
  - Dressing of the several Level Chunks of the game.
  - Design and Implementation of the randomized Background Dressing System (Check the Publications page for further details about the system).





Chunk Building:

All assets are screengraps directly from the 3ds Max viewport using custom HLSL shaders. All textures sheets shown, are the ones that were used in game.

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