Here you can check out several documents that I prepared to explain various technologies and techniques work and how they should be applied in the production.

If this is still not enough for you and you want to learn some more about how things are done, you should definitely check http://simonschreibt.de/, he just does an amazing job in discovering and trying to explain how other studios created some of the amazing looking games.

BFG General Art Workflow

This is a document that I prepared a long time ago with the purpose to have all artists that join the team should read through and get an insight on how the general art production pipeline is setup. This way we could always refer to this document if something general was unclear.
If you want to see how the setup at Black Forest Games is you can download the document here.

Giana Sisters - Morphing Asset Creation

This document was prepared to explain the way how an asset for Giana Sister - Twisted Dreams should be created. It only describes the steps that need to be done, when producing this kind of asset.
If you are interested in creating a morphing asset you can download the document here and try to follow the rules.

Giana Sisters - Broken Morph and how to make things work again

Additionally to the Morphing Asset Creation I also wrote a document with a lot of small tips and tricks on how to avoid or at least fix the issue of broken Morphs. This document was eventually published on polycount.
You can also get the document here.

Ride to Hell - Route 666 - Tile creation

This document was prepared to explain the tile system on the art side that was used in the game and what steps need to be considered when creating the single tiles. This system basically creates a seamless and infinite road where the game mainly takes place. The same system was also used for the Fahren Lernen project.
You can get the document here.

Fahren Lernen - Making Games Article

This was an article I have cowritten with Andreas Speer (Managing Director at BFG) and Josua Stiegler (Verlagsleider Verlag Heinrich Vogel/Fahrschule). It was published in the Making Games magazine. The goal of the article was to basically recap the production of the Fahren Lernen Project and explain to people outside of the project what challenges we encountered and how we managed to solve them. Additionally it also provided an inside of what's to come in the next years.
You can get the document here.

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