Game Talks Stuttgart: Giana Sisters - Level Design und Asthetik einer verdrehten Welt

I held this Presentation together with Stefan Schmitz at the game talks even in Stuttgart in 2013. The goal of the presentation was to show people, who don't necessarily anything about game development, how a game in this case Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams has been developed, especially putting more focus on the Level Design, this part was done by Stefan Schmitz, and Art, which was presented by me. You can download it here.

Autodesk BarCamp: Giana Sisters - The Twisted Morph

I held this presentation at the Autodesk BarCamp Event in Munich in January 2014. The goal of this presentation was to show the attendees how the asset production for Giana Sisters was developed and which problems we encountered during the production of the assets and with what tricks we were able to solve them. As basically all the attendees were familiar with asset production in general, the presentation used explicit examples in the tool that we used on how to create the assets. You can download it here.
As a side note, after the presentation I was approached by Autodesk who wanted to use the Giana Sisters assets for the product presentations. Black Forest Games agreed to give away the assets and I helped Alex Horst who is working for Autodesk as a Product Specialist EMEA Media & Entertainment, to prepare the assets for the Presentation. Currently Autodesk is using this presentation all around the world to present Autodesk 3ds max. You can watch the presentation here.

Further presentation will be available at a later point.

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